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Top 7 Health Benefits of Kissing

Everyone agrees that kissing is good for your relationship, but many wonder if it does your body any good. Stop thinking, it turns out that giving your lips a workout ie kissing burns calories, this act of love not only gets your heart rate pumping. Yes, it can burn some serious calories along with other health benefits of kissing.

Kissing reduces calories – Benefits of Kissing?

Kissing is not only love but kissing burns calories. But, how many calories burn in kissing depends on how you do it. When kissing passively, you’ll have less impact on the calories you burn. However, kissing more intensely can spike the calorie meter even higher. Plus, you’ll burn more calories standing than you will sitting, and even more if you move. According to the University of New Mexico, oxygen is the key to burning calories. Therefore, if you reach a point where you are breathing heavily, your kissing burns calories at a faster rate.

The study claims:

A passionate kiss can burn up to 90 to 120 calories per hour. This figure translates to 2 calories per minute. Now, clearly shedding 2 calories is nothing to be proud of. And, you won’t drop pounds just from kissing, but it won’t hurt since kissing is definitely more enjoyable than running on a treadmill.

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Top 7 Health Benefits of Kissing

Here are some interesting ways how kissing can positively impact your health.

  1. victim of disease
    One of the perceived health benefits of kissing is that it is great for keeping diseases away. Of course, saliva exchange can lead to a large number of bacterial transfers, however, it is not necessarily the case. a bad thing since, kissing is a great way to spread the virus – especially if all kissing leads to sex. This fact is supported by a number of researches which claim that participants who had sex, they had higher levels of the infection-fighting antibody immunoglobulin. In addition, kissing between couples can also transfer germs that can expose their children to certain diseases.

  2. the pain subsides
    Less pain is another health benefit of kissing. As you engage in the act of kissing, your body releases adrenaline and endorphins. This adrenaline reduces the feelings of aches and pains in the body. In addition, says one study, kissing produces a chemical called histamine in the body in response to injury and as an allergic and inflammatory response. Also, providing relief from sneezing and running nose.

  3. Lowers stress
    Kissing is not only good for your heart but also for your mind. It is believed that kissing lowers cholesterol levels, which is a stress hormone. In addition, cortisol levels have negative effects on our immune system, endocrine system, and brain health. Hence, another advantage of kissing is that it lowers the stress level in individuals.

  4. helps lower blood pressure
    Not only does kissing burn calories, but kissing increases the heart rate in a healthy way which helps in lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol. And, it also helps in the flow of blood which gets transferred to all your vital organs.

  5. helps fight cavities
    Another unknown fact revolving around the health benefits of kissing is that kissing helps in fighting. How is this possible? That is, when you are kissing, you secrete more saliva in your mouth. This mechanism ineffectively expels the plaque on your teeth that causes decay and leads to staining.

  6. makes you feel happy
    Kissing also benefits your emotional profile as it is your happy hormone. Studies have shown that when one engages in the act of kissing, one’s body releases oxytocin (a calming chemical), Releases endorphins (which are feel-good chemicals) and dopamine (which promotes bonding).

  7. can rejuvenate your face
    Another health benefit of kissing is that it can help you rejuvenate. Since, a kiss exercises all your facial muscles, it can shape the neck and jowls. Hence, kissing can tone your facial muscles and also help fight wrinkles.

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