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We’ve all heard scary stories at least once in our lives. That means we’ve all also experienced that a good scary story gives you chills and chills down your spine. And because of the rate, your hairs also stand up (goosebumps meaning in hindi). Now the question comes, have you ever thought that what is the meaning of our goosebumps and why do they happen?

Goosebumps Meaning in Hindi

goosebumps meaning in hindi
Goosebumps meaning in Hindi – Goosebumps look like this

You get goosebumps when your body hairs stand on end. Whenever you feel extreme emotions like when you are very cold or when you are very scared or you are very surprised then your hair stand on end which we know as goosebumps meaning in hindi. .

Do only humans get goosebumps?

Goosebumps meaning in Hindi is a reflex or involuntary action that is outside of your control or thinking. This is your body’s own action. This particular action is known as the pilomotor reflex. And, humans are not the only mammals that have this response. For example, when sarcopenes (or porcupines) are startled, they also shoot out sharp spines—a reflex action known to be lived in. Similarly, you must have also seen that the hair of a cat or a dog can also stand on end when they feel threatened or scared.

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Why do our hairs stand on end? – Reason for Goosebumps in Hindi

When you either feel very cold or feel cold or tension / stress (stress meaning in Hindi), then your brain gives signals to your muscles or muscles, which makes your hair stand up. Now because your muscles are attached to your hair – so your hair stands up and your skin gets raised a bit – which gives goose bumps – referred to as goosebumps in hindi.

We know these as goosebumps because when you feel them, your skin feels like a goose or a chicken with its wings pulled out. That’s why we know it by the name of goosebumps in English.

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