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Antioxidant Food in Hindi – Best 5 Antioxidant Food in Hindi

Cellular processes in the body involve a natural reaction called oxidation. in which cells and their components react with oxygen as part of basic function. Oxidation can also be observed in nature, such as brown discoloration of cut open fruits, dissociation of metals, etc. This is also going on in our body in which old cells die and new cells are formed. While most oxidation reactions are carried out efficiently, even a small percentage of these can cause cell damage, producing free radicals. For a healthy life, we should include healthy foods like antioxidant foods in our daily diet.
Let us know about different antioxidant foods in Hindi.

Indian Antioxidant Diet in Hindi – Antioxidant Food in Hindi

For a healthy diet and overall health – we must indulge in these top 5 antioxidant food.

1. Vegetables

Antioxidant Food in Hindi - Best 5 Antioxidant Food in Hindi

abroad, Broccoli and Kale Considered as super foods that fight diseases.

However, in the Indian market Spinach, Lettuce, Cauliflower and Cauliflower There is a supply of equally effective antioxidant alternatives that are rich in antioxidants such as lutein, quercetin, along with minerals and vitamins.

Antioxidant vegetables in India include: Tubers sweet potato or shark, onion and garlic are other rich sources of antioxidants. Orange vegetables like carrots are rich in vitamin A and phytochemicals and can be consumed raw, added to salads or eaten as a main dish.

2. Fruit

Antioxidant Food in Hindi - Best 5 Antioxidant Food in Hindi

grapes, especially dark grapes, Loaded with antioxidants such as phytochemicals (flavonoids) such as proanthocyanidins and anthocyanidins, selenium and vitamin C, aiding in protection against heart disease and cancer. Appleanother major antioxidant food in India – fruits, rich in vitamins and quercetin.

bananasare easy-to-eat fruits packed with vitamins B6 and C, potassium and manganese, and can be enjoyed on their own, sprinkled with shallots or mixed into smoothies

3. Indian Spices

Antioxidant Food in Hindi - Best 5 Antioxidant Food in Hindi

An Indian meal is not possible without the inclusion of spices

The good news is that many of them also provide antioxidant benefits. TurmericCurcumin, a common food flavoring and coloring agent, contains a component called curcumin, which has been shown to interfere with the growth and spread of cancer.

Other spices rich in antioxidant foods in India Ginger, cinnamon, mustard seed, chili and black pepper Are included.

4. Tea

Antioxidant Food in Hindi - Best 5 Antioxidant Food in Hindi

Apart from taste, Tea The antioxidant foods of tea leaves are a boon for India’s tea lovers, who can enjoy a dose of anthocyanins and proanthocyanins, which may help with inflammation, quercetin and catechins in the body, which then Blocked cell damage can lead to cancer.

5. Add beans

Antioxidant Food in Hindi - Best 5 Antioxidant Food in Hindi

Black beans, red beans, pinto beans, soy beans — this food group is packed with the goodness of flavonoids, folate, vitamins and minerals. Lentils like mung bean are rich in vitamin B1 and magnesium. This is another item that should be included in your antioxidant foods list in India.

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Point to remember:

It’s easy to boost your daily diet with disease-fighting Indian antioxidant foods, everyday foods found in Indian homes and markets!

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