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Endoscopy Meaning in Hindi | What is endoscopy, how and why is it done?

Endoscopy meaning in hindi: In today’s era, whenever someone is suffering from any serious disease and goes to the doctor, then the doctor asks him to get a special test done, which we call endoscopy in medical language. goes. Let us know through this article we try to know what is endoscopy, why endoscopy is done (endoscopy kyun karte hain) and under what circumstances it is done (endoscopy kaise karte hain).


What is endoscopy? Endoscopy Meaning in Hindi

The word endoscopy (Endoscopy meaning in Hindi) simply means “to look inside”. If explained in medical language, it is a non-surgical procedure in which the doctor looks at the internal organs of the patient’s body and treats them using special instruments.

How to do endoscopy? (How to do endoscopy)

what is endoscopy - endoscopy meaning in hindi

In this process, a long and thin tube is used in which a camera is attached, through which the doctor can see the internal organs of the patient. Usually this tube is brought inside the body through mouth or anus, but sometimes it is also made to enter inside the body by making a small incision by the doctor.

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Why do endoscopy? (Why is endoscopy done in Hindi)

Endoscopy is performed when certain symptoms are observed, some of which are as follows:

  • stomach ulcer
  • bleeding from the digestive tract
  • on inflammatory bowel disease
  • If there is a problem of constipation for a long time (Constipation in Hindi)
  • gallstones
  • tumor
  • gastric lavage
  • blood in urine
  • esophageal obstruction

With the help of Endoscopy Meaning in Hindi, doctors are able to understand any kind of abnormal symptoms correctly. Even in special circumstances, a piece of tissue is taken and sent to the lab for analysis.

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Types of Endoscopy

Classification of endoscopy (endoscopy meaning in hindi) is done on the basis of which part of the body is being done, mainly among them are as follows:

1. Laryngoscopy:

In this the larynx is inspected. The scope is passed through the nostrils or mouth into the body. The specialist doctor who performs this procedure is called an otolaryngologist.

2. Thoracoscopy/Pleuroscopy:

In this, a small incision is made in the chest by the pulmonologist and the scope is sent inside so that the areas around the chest can be seen.

3. Mediastinoscopy:

The scope is inserted by the thoracic surgeon by making an incision over the chest bone. In this, the middle parts of the lungs are inspected.

4. Bronchoscopy (bronchoscopy):

This procedure is done by a pulmonologist doctor to examine the lungs.

5. Arthroscopy:

This process is done on joints. During this procedure, the orthopedic surgeon makes an incision near the joint to make way for the scope.

6. Laparoscopy:

The scope is inserted by the surgeon by making an incision around the pelvis or abdomen.

7. Colonoscopy (colonoscopy):

This procedure is performed by a gastroenterologist doctor. The scope is passed through the anus so that the colon can be treated. (Also Read: Causes And Symptoms Of Colon Cancer)

8. Enteroscopy:

This procedure is done for the small intestine, the scope is passed through the mouth or anus.

9. Cystoscopy:

The scope is passed from the urethra to the bladder by the urologist doctor so that symptoms related to the bladder can be understood.

10. Hysteroscopy (hysteroscopy):

In this, the uterus is examined by the Gynecologist by sending the scope inside the vagina to examine the uterus.

11. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy:

In this procedure, the doctor inserts a scope through the mouth to examine the esophagus and upper intestinal tract.

12. Sigmoidoscopy (cholesteroloscopy):

The doctor who performs this procedure, called a proctologist, passes a tube from the anus to the rectum and lower part of the large intestine, also known as the sigmoid colon.

13. Ureteroscopy:

This procedure is done by urologist doctor. In this the ureter is inspected

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Before doing endoscopy, the doctor tries to understand the symptoms of the patient and sometimes the patient is also asked to undergo a blood test. This whole process helps the doctor to understand the disease and it is also ensured that the disease can be cured without endoscopy or surgery. (Also read: Use Endoscopy to find out cause of digestive disorders)

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