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Jaundice (Jaundice): Symptoms, Treatment and Remedies

Jaundice is the term used to describe yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes. Body fluids may also turn yellow. All born in the United States About 60 percent of infants are victims of jaundice. Jaundice usually refers to a problem with the liver or bile duct. Let us learn more about the symptoms of jaundice, its treatment and remedies with the help of this article.


Jaundice Meaning in Hindi

Jaundice (Jaundice meaning in hindi) is called jaundice in Hindi. Jaundice or jaundice is a type of direct liver related hepatitis Bilirubin disease. Hepatitis is also known in common language as Jaundice, Icterus, Intra-Hepatic Jaundice. Jaundice is caused by a build-up of bilirubin, a waste material, in the blood. Jaundice (Jaundice in Hindi – piliya meaning) spoils the liver and digestive system. Thousands of people die every year due to jaundice. It is spread by a special type of virus.

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Jaundice is mainly of three types – Types of Jaundice in Hindi

  • Hepatocellur Jaundice (as a result of liver disease or injury)
  • Hemolytic Jaundice (from the breakdown of red blood cells)
    Obstructive jaundice occurs as a result of obstruction of the bile duct.
  • It inhibits the secretion of Bilirubin from the liver.

Causes of Jaundice

Jaundice (Piliya meaning – Jaundice meaning in Hindi) due to high amount of Bilirubin in the blood (It can be due to problem in Liver). Bilirubin is a yellow colored waste product that remains in the bloodstream after iron is removed from the blood. The liver separates waste material from the blood. When bilirubin reaches the liver, other chemicals attach to the bilirubin – forming a conjugated bilirubin. Liver makes digestive juice and bile juice. Conjugated bilirubin enters the bile, then it leaves the body. This bilirubin turns the color of the stool brown. Excess amounts of bilirubin can leak into the surrounding tissues. This is called hyperbilirubinemia, and it can cause yellowing of the skin and eyes.

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Symptoms of Jaundice

jaundice meaning in hindi
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Piliya – Jaundice Symptoms in Hindi are as follows:

Symptoms caused by an overdose of bilirubin

  • yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes
  • to be jealous
  • dark colored urine
  • pale stools

Symptoms caused by low amount of bilirubin

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Jaundice Treatment and Remedies

Jaundice treatment depends on the cause rather than the symptoms. Jaundice patients require more care, and this can be done at home as well. Piliya – The treatment of Jaundice (Jaundice meaning in Hindi) depends on the following reasons:

  • Jaundice caused by anemia can be treated by increasing the amount of iron in the blood by taking iron supplements or eating more iron-rich foods.
  • Jaundice caused by hepatitis requires antiviral or steroid drugs.
  • Doctors can treat jaundice or jaundice with the help of surgery.
  • If jaundice is caused due to the use of medicine, then the medicine can be changed to treat it.
  • If jaundice is caused due to wrong use of drugs, then drugs should be stopped immediately after identifying its cause.

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