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Chikungunya causes, treatment

According to experts, Chikungunya which is spread by Aedes aegypti mosquito will affect people of North India more than South India in the next few years. If we look at the statistics of the previous years, out of about 64000 cases, only 18000 cases were from South India, the remaining 46000 cases were found in North India. Since the symptoms of chikungunya and dengue are generally similar, due to which most people get tricked in identifying chikungunya, as a result, more cases of chikungunya have been reported in the past years. Let us discuss more on this topic through this article.

What is chikungunya?

Chikungunya is a viral disease spread by mosquito bites, female mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus) are the main species of mosquitoes that spread the disease. Chikungunya was first reported in southern Tanzania in 1952, and has since spread to more than 60 countries. After spreading once, this disease often spreads again after an interval of 7-8 years. As you know, Chikungunya was spread in Delhi in 2010 and this time since 2016 it is once again in discussion. Fever and joint pain are its main symptoms, if chikungunya is not treated at the right time, it can cause severe joint pain. Its patients have to go through severe joint pain and in such a situation they cannot walk properly and often walk bent over, that is why this disease was named Chikungunya.

Reason for the spread of Chikungunya- Causes of Chikungunya

Chikungunya in Hindi
Spray to Kill Mosquito

Although mosquitoes are the main reason for the spread of chikungunya, but many times we ignore this disease mistaking it for dengue, as a result, cases of chikungunya are increasing nowadays. There is another reason for the spread of Chikungunya which is as follows- When a mosquito bites a person suffering from Chikungunya and then the same mosquito bites another person, then the other person also gets Chikungunya. . Female mosquitoes Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus are the main species of mosquitoes that spread the disease. These mosquitoes bite during the day. A single mosquito carrying the Chikungunya virus can infect about a dozen people in its lifetime. Generally Chikungunya is not fatal, but even after the treatment of Chikungunya (Chikungunya ka ilaj), the joint pain caused by it bothers for several months.

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What to do for the treatment of chikungunya

There is no specific vaccine or medicine for the treatment of chikungunya, but chikungunya can be identified with the help of a blood test. Chikungunya treatment is done on the basis of its symptoms, some of the treatments are as follows-

Chikungunya treatment with the help of medicines-

As we have already told that there is no special medicine for its treatment, but you can take medicine for joint pain and fever-

  • You can take painkillers (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for joint pain.
  • Use acetaminophen (Tylenol) or paracetamol for fever.
  • While using medicine for fever, keep in mind that Aspirin should not be consumed.
  • Along with this, you must see a good doctor.

Chikungunya treatment with the help of home remedies-

Along with medicines (Chikungunya ka Ilaj) you can also do it at home, some home remedies are as follows- Chikungunya treatment home remedies

  • Taking a mixture of honey and lemon provides relief in this disease.
  • Use Tulsi to reduce fever.
  • Get plenty of rest, sleep more and drink plenty of water.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and consume fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Our immune system is enough to get rid of chikungunya, but you have to support your body by giving yourself rest.
  • Non-veg food should be avoided during chikungunya fever.
  • For joint pain, a light massage can be done with coconut oil.
  • Consuming carrot juice increases the immunity of the body and gives relief to the body.
  • Light exercise from the joints which have pain also reduces the pain.

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To avoid Chikungunya in Hindi, it is necessary to recognize its symptoms, and do not treat it wrongly considering it as dengue. With proper treatment and care, chikungunya can be avoided and the joint pain caused by it can be treated in time.

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