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Angiography Meaning in Hindi – What is angiography and how to do it

Angiography Meaning in Hindi: It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and for the body to be healthy, it is necessary that the heart of a person should be healthy. When there is any kind of obstruction in our heart or any part of our body or our heart does not work properly, then angiography is done to check it. Angiography is a diagnostic process which is done to know if there is any blockage in your artery. Let us know how it is done, where it is done and why it is done.

What is angiography – What is Angiography Meaning in Hindi

Angiography Meaning in Hindi is a type of test in which various organs of your body are examined by X-ray technique. In this test, the part of the body to be examined is seen through X-Ray, for which an opaque substance is injected into the blood vessels of that part so that everything inside that part is clearly visible.

When through X-ray technique, by injecting a special type of medicine or dye into the different chambers and arteries of your heart, the doctor can measure your heart’s blood flow and blood pressure (10 Foods To Avoid With High Blood Pressure) and check that there is no blockage in your coronary arteries, this type of test is called coronary angiography. This test is also known as angiogram.

How to prepare for angiography? – Preparation for Angiography

Angiography (Angiography Meaning in Hindi) or angiogram is done in the catheterization lab or cath lab of the hospital. Your health care team will give you specifics and talk to you about any medicines you take. Generally these things should be kept in mind before Angiography Meaning in Hindi:

  • Before doing angiography, ask your doctor thoroughly what happens in this test and what medicines are given.
  • The whole process of Angiography (Angiography Meaning in Hindi) test is about 1 to 2 hours, so come to the hospital accordingly.
  • Leave jewelry and other valuables at home while coming for angiography.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before your angiography.
  • If you take any medications, ask your doctor whether they can be taken before angiography.
  • If you have diabetes, ask your doctor whether you should take insulin or other oral medications before your angiography.

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How is angiography done?

In this test (Angiography in Hindi), the part of the body to be examined is seen through X-Ray, for which an opaque substance is injected into the blood vessels of that part, so that everything inside that part is clearly visible. Be visible For this, a tube called a catheter is inserted into a vein in the upper part of the leg or arm. Dye is injected into that part of the body through a catheter, and X-rays are taken when the dye moves into the blood vessels. This test specifically tells whether blood flow and blood supply is happening well in any part of the body or not.

This test is of 1-2 hours and after the test one should rest for at least 4-5 hours. After the completion of the Angiography test, the catheter tube is taken out and the place is pressed with cotton for some time so that the person does not bleed. Sometimes the doctor stitches or bandages or dressings to fill the area.

Caring after Angiography

Some care is necessary after an angiography test, do any work only after consulting your health care team. Some important care are as follows-

  • After the Angiography test is done, drink as much water and other fluids as possible to flush out the dye from your body and eat a little.
  • Ask your health care team when you can take your medicines again, shower, and resume your normal activities.
  • Avoid doing similar and strenuous work for a few days after angiography.
  • Do not exercise for a few days after the angiography test and do not lift more than 5kg.
  • Protect the part of the body on which the catheter tube is placed from water as much as possible.

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