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Skin Warts Meaning in Hindi

You must have seen that sometimes a light brown colored or black colored raised skin or grain of flesh comes out on our body, it is called a wart. These mostly happen to children and can happen to adults as well. They have been troubling humans for almost thousands of years, or rather they originated about 3000 years ago from old mummies which were described by Shakespeare himself. Although these Warts Meaning in Hindi – Warts are not harmful but they are very ugly, ugly, embarrassing and contagious to see. Sometimes they are painful too. Let us know what are warts and how to prevent them.

Meaning of Warts in Hindi

Warts Meaning in Hindi – Warts are known as warts in Hindi, they are a kind of raised skin which is sometimes black or brown in color. The main reason for its occurrence is Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), apart from this it also spreads by touching. By now you might have realized that warts from toads are just old stories. When the HPV virus invades this outer layer of the skin, usually through a small scratch, it causes a rapid growth of cells on the outer layer of the skin, forming a wart.

Types of Warts in Hindi

Although there are more than 10 types of warts, yet 5 types of warts are the main ones and are quite common. All five are different in appearance and appear on different parts of the body. We have told about them in brief-

  1. Common Warts: These warts usually grow on the fingers and toes, but can also occur anywhere. They are grainy in appearance and coarse with a rounded top. Normal warts are brown in color compared to the surrounding skin.
  2. Plantar Warts: They often grow on the soles of the feet. Unlike other warts, plantar warts grow into the skin, not outside the skin. You may have trouble walking because of these types of warts.
  3. Flat Warts: Flat warts usually grow on the face, thighs or arms. They are very small in appearance and do not go unnoticed at all. Flat warts have a flat top, as if they have been scraped off. They can be pink, brown, or slightly yellow in color.
  4. Filiform Warts: These types of warts grow around your mouth, nose, neck or chin. Their color is similar to the color of our skin. These are also often smaller in appearance and look like small flaps of skin or tags.
  5. Periungual warts: These warts grow around the toe nails and around the finger nails. They can be painful and affect the growth of the nail.

How do you get Warts? What are the reasons for warts?

Due to many reasons you can have Warts Meaning in Hindi, all of them are given below-

  • Warts are spread from person to person, not toads or frogs.
  • The main reason for spreading warts is to come in direct contact with a person who already has warts.
  • Even a small scrape or biting of a fingernail can lead to warts, if you have warts in one spot.
  • Similarly, getting cut while shaving can also promote the virus.

“Children have more warts than adults, this is probably because their immune system is not strong enough to fight the HPV virus, so children are more prone to warts.,,

Treatment for Warts

By the way, warts go away on their own and in their own time. Still, if you want to treat them or want to get them done, then you can treat it with your dermatologist or at your home itself. Its home remedies and general treatment are as follows-

Home Remedies for Warts – Home remedies to cure warts

You can adopt home remedies to treat your warts (Warts Meaning in Hindi), but keep these few things in mind-

  • If a home remedy requires you to rub a nail filer or a pumice stone, do not use it on any other part of your body, and do not allow anyone else to use it, as warts are contagious and spread by touch. Can
  • If you have diabetes (Iis diabetes curable or not) do not try to treat your foot warts yourself. For its treatment, take advice from your doctor and show him only. Diabetes can cause a loss of sensation in your feet, so that your feet may not even feel like they hurt.
  • Do not try to remove warts on your face or other sensitive parts of your body (such as your genitals, mouth, or nose) with home remedies.

Some home remedies to treat warts are as follows-

Freezing Cure: It involves spraying cold air (a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane) onto the wart. This kills the skin around the wart, allowing you to scrape off the surface of the wart. These treatments are a good option if you want to try to get rid of warts quickly, but they may not be enough to remove all warts.

Treats and patches containing salicylic acid: You should use this treatment every day, for about a few weeks, for better results. It will work best if you soak the hair in water for about 15 minutes before applying the treatment.

duct tape: Some people have successfully treated warts with duct tape. This process involves covering the wart with a small piece of duct tape for several days, then soaking the wart and scrubbing off the dead skin.

When to See a Doctor – When to see a doctor?

If your warts (Warts Meaning in Hindi) are not cured by home remedies, then you can take the help of a doctor. Remember, always see your doctor if you have diabetes and have warts on your feet.

Your doctor may treat the following-

Liquid Nitrogen: Your doctor will freeze your wart with liquid nitrogen. This can be a bit painful, but usually works well. This may require more than one treatment. Freezing can cause a blister to form under and around your warts. With the help of this treatment, the wart gets removed from the skin within about a week.

Surgery: Surgery is usually only done when a wart has not responded to other treatments. Your doctor may cut off your warts with the help of a surgical knife or burn them with electricity. You will first be given a shot of anaesthetic, these shots can be painful. Sometimes surgery can be very scary.

Prevention from Warts – How to prevent warts?

There are many ways to prevent warts and prevent them from spreading to other parts of your body. Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Wash your hands regularly, especially if you have been in contact with someone who has warts.
  • Don’t touch your warts.
  • Cover the warts with a bandage.
  • Keep your hands and feet dry.
  • Wear shower shoes (flip-flops) in the locker room or communal shower facility.

Read about it in detail in English also: All About: Warts Meaning, Causes And Treatment
In this way, by taking precautions, one can go through an infectious disease like warts or warts (Warts Meaning in Hindi), but if not taken care of, it can take the form of fatal cancer. That’s why treat warts in time or else consult your doctor and get proper treatment done.

Book an appointment with a dermatologist (Skin Doctors in Jaipur) near you for wart treatment today, and save yourself from the deadly cancer caused by it.

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