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Some important tips to reduce belly fat

Increasing belly fat is not only harmful for beauty but it is also harmful for health. In today’s fast lifestyle, excessive consumption of fast food and lack of exercise and many other reasons, accumulation of fat in the abdominal area has become quite common these days. Increased Belly fat is leading in reducing body figure and beauty in women.

Excess fat stored in the body creates space for diseases in the body by increasing cholesterol, blood pressure.

The amazing Ayurvedic tips written here do not allow fat to accumulate on the stomach and reduce the increased fat, which helps in keeping your body shapely and attractive.

1. Say bye bye to junk food/fast food-

If you are serious about reducing belly fat then stay away from junk food/fast food because junk food works for rapid weight gain. Try to eat less oily spices only. Due to the preservatives present in such substances, the metabolism of the body gets spoiled and extra fat starts increasing. Sometimes consuming steam vegetables can also prove beneficial. Instead of normal flour, chapati should be eaten by mixing barley and gram flour. Keep distance from things made of flour and white flour and from fermented food (idli/dosa/uttapa).

2. Eat slowly

It takes 25 to 35 minutes for the feeling of fullness to reach the satiety center present in the brain, due to the habit of eating quickly, due to the lack of rapid sensation reaching the satiety center present in the brain, a large amount of food is consumed which harms the digestive system. It does not dissolve properly in the secretions and takes time to digest and gets converted into fat in the body, food eaten slowly gets easily digested due to its good dissolution in salivation and other digestive juices and does not get converted into fat in the body.

3. Stop sleeping during the day and staying up late at night

Due to sleeping during the day, Kapha dosha increases in the body, which slows down digestion and metabolism, which is the main reason for the formation of obesity. People who have the habit of sleeping late in the night, with the reduction of digestion in their body, some such hormones increase which are the main reason for fat formation. For this reason, both the habits of sleeping during the day and staying up late at night should be abandoned.

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4. Exercise/ Yoga/ Aerobic Exercise-

Proper amount of exercise is very necessary to melt body fat, without exercise it is almost impossible to lose body fat. For this, daily for 45 to 60 minutes, follow proper exercise/yoga or aerobic exercise method. Running, jogging, cycling, zumba dance, swimming and other aerobic exercises are also beneficial in burning calories and fat. While doing yoga, do not forget to do specific yogasanas to reduce belly fat. All the activities of Surya Namaskar Steps, Sarvagasan, Bhujangasan, Vajrasan, Padmasan, Shalabhasan can be beneficial.

5. Eat food at the right time-

Because of eating untimely food, it is not digestible and it produces semi-digested mangoes in the body, which not only causes stomach and other diseases but also slows down the metabolism and increases fat production. For this reason, eat food only during the time of Ayurvedic pitta dosha, which is from 10 am to 1 am and before 7 pm in the evening. At this time Jathragni remains intense, which digests the food eaten well. Don’t stay hungry for too long in the morning, breakfast at the right time also keeps the digestive power right.

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6. Keep dinner less

Dinner should be before 7 pm and in small quantity which can be easily digested. Do not sleep immediately after eating food, by doing this the food does not get digested properly. There should be a gap of at least 3 hours between dinner and bedtime.

7. Avoid sugar and sweet things

Most of the calories are present in sugar and sweet things, consuming it in excess converts the present carbohydrates into fats and such increased fats start accumulating in the stomach and buttocks region. For this reason, consumption of sweets, cakes, chocolates, ice cream, cold drinks, potatoes should be avoided.

8. Use garlic-

Garlic is an excellent writing agent that reduces excess fat and bad cholesterol. Eating 4 to 5 cloves of garlic in the morning starts showing benefits, initially due to its intense smell, there may be a problem in consuming it, but with the practice of a few days, it becomes a common thing.
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9. Make more use of fruits and vegetables

Bad calories are less in fruits and vegetables, because of this, use them more in food. The dietary fibers present in them help in reducing the fat present in the body and keeping the digestion process efficient.

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10. Quit the habit of alcohol

If you are consuming alcohol daily, then you are inviting fat and cholesterol to increase in the body. The habit of drinking alcohol is most harmful for the liver and digestive system.

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11. Reduce the use of oil and vegetable ghee-

Do not use vanaspati ghee in diet at all, staying away from it is beneficial for health. Do not eat any other ghee other than pure desi cow’s ghee, avoid all oils in cooking and use only sunflower oil.

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