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What is uric acid, symptoms of its increase, and the right treatment

Have you ever felt that your mother, father or any elder in the house complains of joint pain? Or do they have pain and swelling in their toes, ankles and knees? Or are they suffering from arthritis? So be alert, all these symptoms can be due to the increase of Uric Acid in their body.

Excessive amount of uric acid brings different types of diseases in the body. Let us know what is uric acid, how to reduce it and diet chart to bring it under control.

Uric Acid what happens?

Uric acid is a natural waste product resulting from the digestion of foods that contain purines. Uric acid is found when purine breaks down in our body. Purines are found in high levels in certain foods such as:

  • some meat
  • A type of fish
  • dried beans
  • beer

Apart from this, purines are also formed and broken down in our body.

Normally our body filters uric acid with the help of kidney and exits the body with urine. If you consume too many purines in your diet, or if your body is unable to get rid of this uric acid fast enough, the body builds up and uric acid builds up in the blood.

If the level of uric acid increases a lot, then that condition hyperuricemia is referred to as. The increase in uric acid causes inflammation in various muscles of the body, due to which pain starts and this pain starts increasing, it can lead to a disease called gout which causes painful joints. It can also make blood and urine acidic.

Due to the accumulation of uric acid – Uric Acid Ke Karan

Uric acid can collect in the body for many reasons. Some of these are as follows:

  • Certain types of diet can cause uric acid to accumulate in the body.
  • in some cases it is genetic
  • This problem can also occur due to obesity or being overweight.
  • Uric acid can also build up in your body if you are under a lot of stress.

Certain health disorders can also cause an increase in uric acid:

  • Kidney disease can increase uric acid
  • Uric acid also increases due to diabetes
  • hypothyroidism
  • Certain types of cancer or chemotherapy can also cause an increase in uric acid.
  • Psoriasis – which is a skin disease that can lead to increased uric acid

Symptoms of increasing uric acid

  • Very often there are no symptoms of high uric acid.
  • Uric acid can also increase if there is an extreme change in lifestyle with food and drink.
  • If you have very high levels of uric acid in your blood, and you are undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia or lymphoma, high uric acid levels in your blood may cause kidney problems, or symptoms of gout.
  • If suffering from any type of cancer, you may have fever, chills, fatigue and your uric acid level may increase (due to tumor cancer syndrome)
  • If crystals of uric acid have accumulated in your joints, you may experience an inflammation of the joints known as “gout”. ,Note, Gout can occur even with normal uric acid levels.,
  • you may have kidney problems (kidney stones), or problems with urination
  • Difficulty in getting up and sitting with joint pain
  • Swelling of fingers and toes with pain

If these symptoms appear, then it is very important to keep in mind that the consumption of those things which increase uric acid should be prohibited. Apart from this, let us know how uric acid can be treated and for this what type of diet chart (Uric Acid Diet Chart – Uric Acid Diet Chart in Hindi) should be followed.

treatment of uric acid

To control the increased uric acid level, you can consult your doctor and it can also be controlled by taking some natural remedies. Let us know how to treat Uric Acid Ka Ilaj –

with the help of drugs

  • Your doctor may prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) agents and ibuprofen to relieve pain associated with arthritis.
  • It is more important to note that the consumption of Tylenol does not exceed its daily dose, as it can cause damage to your liver.
  • Uricosuric drugs: These drugs work by blocking the reabsorption of urate, which can prevent uric acid crystals from building up in your tissues.

By following the Uric Acid Diet Chart – Uric Acid Diet Chart in Hindi

To control this problem there is a special uric acid diet chart which when followed strictly gives quick results. In addition to dietary changes, you may also find ways to control uric acid through a combination of diet and exercise. So, regular exercise is another factor which helps in the digestion process but the most important thing is the kind of food you consume. To control this, you need to keep a check on your purine intake which is around 600-1000 mg during the day. The uric acid diet chart will help you limit it to 100-150 mg a day.

uric acid diet chart

Uric Acid in Hindi, Uric Acid Treatment in Hindi, Uric Acid Diet Chart in Hindi, Uric Acid Ke Lakshan

This diet chart explains what to eat and what not to control excessive production of uric acid. Here, below are the foods to eat when uric acid rises and how to control uric acid through a personalized Uric Acid Diet Chart:

What to eat:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar: People suffering from uric acid should take 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water to improve the condition.
  2. French Bean Juice: This is the most effective home remedy, taken twice a day, reduces the production of high uric acid.
  3. Cherry: Cherries are not only used as a cake decoration, but they are also known to be a kind of good medicine because they contain anti-inflammatory substances that prevent the crystallization of uric acid and its accumulation in the joints, causing pain and inflammation. There is swelling.
  4. Jamun: Apart from cherries, strawberries, blueberries and berries which are rich in anti-inflammatory properties are super essential to cure high uric acid content in your body.
  5. Low fat dairy products: It is believed that dairy products increase the amount of uric acid in the body. You can drink soya or almond milk in place of milk which is rich in protein, as well as soya chunks in place of paneer and many more. This does not mean that we are suggesting you to take less protein but if uric acid level is increasing in your body then use low fat dairy products.
  6. Drink plenty of water: Keep your body hydrated as much as possible, so that you can easily remove uric acid from your body, for this you should keep drinking water after some time.
  7. Olive Oil: Cooking with cold-pressed olive oil will help improve your gout because it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Read also about: Olive Oil
  8. Pinto Beans: Pinto beans contain folic acid, which is an important substance for lowering uric acid levels. You can also include sunflower seeds and lentils in your diet to reduce your uric acid.
  9. other: In addition to the diet mentioned above, fresh vegetable juices, lemons, celery, high fiber foods, bananas, green tea, cereals like millet and sorghum, tomatoes, cucumber and broccoli, especially to treat high levels of uric acid. Ka Ilaj) can help to do. So, if you are worried about how to control uric acid, then consume the given products.

What not to eat:

  1. Foods rich in purine: Avoid eating purine-rich foods such as red meat, seafood, organ meats and some types of beans and refined carbohydrates and vegetables such as asparagus, peas, mushrooms and cabbage.
  2. Reduce intake of fructose-rich foods: According to a research, consuming fructose-rich substances doubles your risk of arthritis, so avoid consuming fructose-rich substances as much as possible.
  3. Cut down on alcohol consumption: Especially if you are troubled by the problem of uric acid, do not consume alcohol, because it dehydrates your body. Beer is rich in yeast, so it should be avoided. If you want, you can consume wine as it does not affect the level of uric acid.

control uric acid with the help of exercise

Apart from following the uric acid diet chart regularly, if you add some light exercises to it in your life then it can prove to be very useful for you. But don’t stress yourself too much as exercising/practicing should not make the situation worse. Below is a list of some exercises that can help you control your uric acid:

  1. You can do range-of-motion exercises to reduce joint stiffness and provide mobility to the joints.
  2. Strength exercises such as yoga and tai chi can be very helpful. Do not attempt complex exercises in the initial stages. Save it for later.
  3. Exercises to increase stamina and strength.
  4. You can also do basic stretching exercises.

Uric Acid Diet Diet chart, exercise and other healthy lifestyle changes can improve gout, arthritis and other diseases caused by increased levels of uric acid. However, these home remedies cannot always take the place of necessary medical treatment. Take all prescribed medicines as directed by your doctor. The right combination of diet, exercise, and medications can help you reduce uric acid symptoms.

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