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Scabies Meaning in Hindi – Symptoms and Treatment of Scabies

Scabies meaning in Hindi is Scabies, which is one of the skin conditions that cause itching and rashes all over the body. It is a skin condition caused by Sarcoptes scabiei, an eight-legged microscopic mite. It is a type of infectious disease which can spread very easily from person to person through close and physical contact.

Being so contagious, it is more likely to spread quickly in places such as the home, child care group, school classroom, nursing home or prison. If a person complains of scabies, or comes in contact with a person with scabies, treatment should be done at the same time. Let us know what can be Scabies in Hindi, Scabies symptoms in Hindi and scabies treatment in Hindi-

Some important facts about scabies

Some important facts about scabies are as follows-

  • Although the scabies mite needs live skin to feed and survive, it can live without skin for 48 to 72 hours.
  • The itching and red rash experienced by people with scabies is the result of an allergic reaction to the eggs and waste of the scabies mites.
  • On an average, 15 to 20 mites/mites are present in a person infected with scabies.
  • Severe and persistent itching is the main symptom of scabies.
  • Sexual contact is the most common cause of scabies infection in sexually active people, which is why scabies is also called a sexually transmitted disease (STD), although scabies is not the cause of all STDs.

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Scabies Meaning in Hindi

Scabies is a highly contagious skin disease caused by a specific type of mite, Sarcoptes scabiei. Mites are a type of small eight-legged parasite that is 1/3 millimeter in length. Scabies causes itching, burning and red rashes on the human skin, which usually get worse during night time.

The infection is transmitted to humans by female mites which are 0.3 mm-0.4 mm in length; While male mites are about half of its size. This problem of scabies can affect people of any class, caste, age and economic status. This problem of scabies affects millions of people every year.

It is so highly contagious that it is easily spread through close physical contact, such as by simply touching or sharing bedding, clothing, and furniture with an infected person. The problem of scabies infects more than 300 million humans in the world. This disease spreads in the maximum amount by going to public places.

Scabies can spread to any part of the skin, but its symptoms are highly and clearly visible in some specific places, which are as follows – in nails, hands, places covered with clothes, etc. Let us know how to recognize scabies and what can be its symptoms –

Symptoms of Scabies – Scabies Symptoms in Hindi

The onset of scabies symptoms depends on whether a person has been exposed to the mites in the past. The first time a person is exposed to scabies mites, it can take about 2 to 6 weeks for symptoms to develop.

Symptoms of scabies include:

  • Itching: This symptom can be worse, severe and intense, mostly at night. Itching is one of the most common symptoms of scabies.
  • Rashes: When the mites burrow into the skin, they make lines in the skin, most commonly found in the upper layers of the skin, and appear as hives, welts, lumps, pimples, or scaly skin. Apart from this, there may also be blisters in it.
  • Sores: After the mites burrow into the skin, sores form on the infected areas of the person’s skin. Lesions can also be caused by another infection, usually with Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Thick Layers: Crusted scabies, also known as Norwegian scabies, is a form of severe scabies characterized by the presence of hundreds to thousands of mites and eggs of the mats within the skin layer.

scabies meaning in hindi, scabies symptoms in hindi, scabies in hindi, scabies treatment in hindi

Most people who are affected by crested scabies develop brown, thick, and cracked crusts on their skin. Mites living in detached and cracked crusts can live for more than a week without the need for human contact.

Infections in adults and older children appear on the following organs:

  • between fingers
  • around the nails
  • side
  • waist
  • inner part of wrist
  • inside of elbow
  • in the soles of the feet
  • breasts, especially the area around the nipples
  • male genitalia
  • the buttocks
  • knees
  • on top of shoulders

On the other hand, scabies infection is seen in the following places in the body of infants and young children:

  • Skull
  • Face
  • Neck
  • palms of hands
  • soles of feet

Sometimes, it spreads to most of the child’s body. Babies with scabies typically show symptoms of irritability and difficulty sleeping and eating.

due to the spread of scabies

Scabies is an infection caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite, also known as the human scabies mite. Once inside the skin, the female mite lays its eggs in the tunnel it has made. Once hatched, the larvae of the mites migrate to the surface of the skin and spread to other parts of the body, as well as to the entire body of another person or to another host through close contact. .

It affects not only humans but also animals like dogs and cats. However, each species hosts a different species of mites, and while humans may experience a mild, transient skin reaction to contact with non-human animal mites.

Scabies is a highly contagious disease that can be spread through direct skin-to-skin contact, by sharing an infected person’s towel, bedding, or furniture. People who can become infected with the mites include:

  • day care or school going children
  • parents of young children
  • sexually active young adults and people with multiple sexual partners
  • residents of low care facilities
  • older adults
  • people who are immunocompromised, such as those with HIV/AIDS, transplant recipients, and those taking other immunosuppressive medications

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prevention of scabies

To prevent reinfection and spread of scabies mites, you can take the following steps:

  • When dry cleaning or washing all clothing, towels, linens, etc., use hot soapy water and dry in bright sunlight.
  • Keep items that cannot be washed tied separately in a plastic bag.
  • During the day, vacuum the whole house, including carpets, rugs, upholstery, etc., and put the garbage in a bag and throw it away. Clean the canister of the vacuum cleaner thoroughly.
  • If you think you may have scabies, or are at risk of contracting scabies, talk to a good dermatologist right away.

Testing and Diagnosing Scabies

  • Scabies is sometimes confused with dermatitis or eczema because these also fall under the category of skin diseases and are characterized by itching and red rashes on the skin.
  • For this type of skin related diseases one must visit his doctor as no OTC medicines can provide complete relief from it.
  • Your doctor can diagnose scabies by examining the skin or looking at skin scrapings (skin scraping tests) under a microscope (microscopic examination can determine the presence of mites or their eggs) to check for scabies.
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is done for genetic information of scabies mites. Although this test is not commonly used.
  • Mites can also be identified by skin biopsy, which is done if there are other causes of skin disease.

Treatment Options for Scabies

The most important thing in the treatment of scabies is to eliminate its infection with the help of medicines. You can reduce the itching with the help of creams and lotions prescribed by your doctor.

Your doctor will advise you to apply the medicine on your body from the neck down, leaving the medicine on for at least 8 to 10 hours. Some treatments require repetition. If any new burrows and rashes appear, that treatment should be repeated.

Because scabies spreads so easily, your doctor may recommend treatment for all members of your household and other close members, whether or not they have any signs of a scabies infestation.

The following are commonly prescribed medicines for scabies:

Permethrin cream (Elimite): Permethrin is a topical cream that contains chemicals that kill the mites and their eggs. It is generally considered safe for adults, pregnant women, and children 2 months and older.

Lindane Lotion: This medicine is also a type of chemotherapy – only recommended for people who cannot tolerate other approved treatments or for whom other treatments have not worked. This medicine may not be safe for children younger than 10 years old, pregnant women, or anyone who weighs less than 110 pounds (50 kg).

Crotamiton (Eurax): This medicine is available in the form of both cream and lotion. It is applied once in 2 days during day time. Use of this medicine is prohibited for children, adults, 65 years and above, pregnant women. The treatments done by crotamiton are mostly unsuccessful.

Although these medicines kill the mites immediately, the itching caused by scabies does not stop completely for several weeks.

Which doctor to see for the treatment of scabies

Scabies can be treated by many different types of health practitioners. The condition is usually treated by primary care doctors, which include pediatricians, internal-medicine specialists, and family physicians. If you see some skin symptoms like red rashes, itching, etc., then you can get treatment from a dermatologist or a pediatric dermatologist. If the patient’s condition is very serious, then in such a situation the first thing to do is to be treated by an emergency-medicine doctor.

Although with the help of these remedies your scabies will go away in some time but it will not get cured overnight and you may feel itching for a long time. Adopting healthy habits during your treatment may help you see results faster. If possible, get some rest, exercise and eat as healthy as possible as all these factors will help you recover faster.

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Be mindful of the fact that scabies is a contagious disease so take measures to ensure that you do not infect others. Focus on getting better each day and take the best care of yourself.

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