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#FreedomFrom Unsafe & Unhealthy Diwali

Festivals, lights, sweets, gifts, crackers, family and friends – these are all the things that define Diwali. As soon as Diwali arrives, this festival gets celebrated all over the country, people celebrate this festival in different ways. Sweets, firecrackers, decoration of houses, new clothes, gifts, all these are the center of main attraction of this festival. But as tempting as all these are, especially sweets and crackers, they are equally harmful to your health.

As the demand for sweets increases during Diwali festival, adulteration starts in it which is harmful for human health, similarly pollution from firecrackers is increasing year by year. This increasing pollution is becoming a major threat to human health.

According to some statistics in the year 2018 – out of total 12.4 lakh deaths, 6.7 lakh deaths were due to outdoor particulate matter air pollution while 4.8 lakh deaths were due to indoor air pollution.

How to celebrate healthy Diwali

So if you are thinking of bursting crackers or eating these unhealthy sweets this Diwali, then be careful, because of this you may fall ill. To avoid all this, today we are going to tell you some Diwali tips by which you can celebrate eco-friendly Diwali.

Let us know how to celebrate healthy Diwali this year –

1. Do not burn crackers

freedom from unsafe and unhealthy Diwali

You can be happy for some time by burning crackers, but after that it only helps in spreading pollution. Crackers do not only help in air pollution, but noise pollution also spreads due to their noise. At the same time, they are also dangerous, so prohibit the use of firecrackers as soon as possible.

Keeping all this in mind and considering its impact on the environment, the Supreme Court has ordered a ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR by November 1. You can use green crackers instead of these.

2. Use earthen lamps

freedom from unsafe and unhealthy Diwali

Good old oil lamps add charm to Diwali decorations and nothing can be more attractive than these. You can use these traditional diyas instead of electric wicks.

This way, you will not only be saving the environment but also supporting the local artisans who make these diyas.

3. Use organic colors to make Rangoli

freedom from unsafe and unhealthy Diwali

Colorful and intricate Rangoli adds to the beauty of your home. Rangoli making is very common in every household on the occasion of Diwali, so this time, opt for organic colors instead of chemical colors.

You can also make beautiful Rangoli using flowers, leaves, flour and rice.

4. Take care of pets

freedom from unsafe and unhealthy Diwali

If Diwali pollution is bad for your health, then the noise of firecrackers can be very frightening and confusing for your pets. You can request your neighbors not to use crackers in your area and take care of your pets.

Take them for a walk during the day before the festivities begin. Give shelter to scared animals and stray animals when people start bursting crackers in the evening.

5. Decorate your home smartly

freedom from unsafe and unhealthy Diwali

At the time of Diwali, the decoration of the house has its own importance and beauty. It is not necessary that you always have to shop for your home decorations during Diwali.

You can also decorate your home with showpieces made by yourself, for this you can also take the help of internet. For example, you can make a gorgeous chandelier out of all the unnecessary CDs lying around in your house. By doing this you can save money.

6. Donate old stuff to the needy

freedom from unsafe and unhealthy Diwali

If you have old stuff lying in your house which is of no use to you, then instead of throwing it away, you can give it to someone in need. By doing this you can make a festival of a poor person.

You can also celebrate your festival by giving happiness to the poor, it is one of the best ways to celebrate Diwali.

7. Do social service through NGO

freedom from unsafe and unhealthy Diwali

Ways to spend Diwali vacation by doing social service is the best way to celebrate it. For this register with a Non Government Organization (NGO) in your area and provide happiness for a day to those who are not able to get it all. This can also be a great idea to celebrate Diwali.

8. Don’t use plastic for packing gifts or food

freedom from unsafe and unhealthy Diwali

Use handmade paper while wrapping gifts and packaging food items during festivals and avoid plastic paper as much as possible.

9. Throw garbage in the right place and in the right way

freedom from unsafe and unhealthy Diwali

From crackers to home decorations, etc., a huge amount of waste is generated during festivals. This Diwali, try to segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste (wet waste and dry waste). Try to keep your area/locality clean after the festival is over.

10. eat homemade sweets

freedom from unsafe and unhealthy Diwali

Sweets are easily available at shops during festivals and it is easy to buy, but at this time try not to eat sweets from outside or give them to others to eat.

Do this because at this time due to increased demand of sweets, the sweet sellers start adulterating it which is unhealthy. Try to make sweets at home like ladoo, gulab jamun and kheer. And gift the home-made sweets to your friends and family members.

11. Don’t throw away reusable items

Don’t throw away your diyas and other home decorations, you can use them next year as well. By doing this, your money will also be saved and at the same time it will not spread garbage. This can also be a great idea to celebrate Diwali.

You can celebrate Diwali in a good way even by following the above measures. Do share this post with your loved ones so that everyone can stay safe this festive season.

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