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Pregnancy Diet Chart in Hindi

If you are a woman, then you must know how important pregnancy is in your life, not only that becoming a father is very exciting for a man too. As important as this time is, it is very important to keep in mind what to do and what not to do, which Pregnancy Diet Chart to follow and what not to eat.

During this time there are many hormonal changes in a woman’s body which are visible in the form of mood swings, appetite and affecting the metabolism of the body. Most women face the problem of nausea quite frequently during pregnancy, which affects their diet and health. Therefore it is necessary that the food contains iron, calcium, folic acid and vitamins.

Today we are going to tell you which diet chart to follow during pregnancy which is high in nutrition and also helps in keeping you energetic throughout the day. Let us have a look at pregnancy diet in hindi.

pregnancy diet plan

The child growing in the womb of the woman receives the essential nutrients from the woman, so it is important that the woman takes good care of her health and eats a balanced diet. While weight gain during pregnancy is another cause for concern, a healthy weight can be achieved by following a balanced pregnancy diet chart. Here is a diet plan for pregnant women which is full of nutrition and can help in gaining the right weight.

Dietary Guidelines for Pregnant Women – Pregnancy Diet Chart

If you are pregnant or thinking about pregnancy, it is extremely important for you to start taking proper nutrition right away. You can follow a pregnancy diet chart from the beginning of pregnancy till 3 months, as it will help in reserving nutrition which will be helpful for your growing baby.

Healthy eating will provide you with essential nutrients that will strengthen your body and your immune system, and increase your metabolism. Before you follow a certain diet plan for pregnancy (Pregnancy Diet Chart in Hindi), you must consult your gynecologist. At the same time, while following any diet plan (Pregnancy Diet in Hindi), keep these things in mind:

  • Keep yourself hydrated during the day by drinking as much water or juice as possible at frequent intervals
  • Consume foods made from whole grains like roti, chapati and noodles
  • Eat 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day
  • To avoid the possibility of gestational diabetes, reduce the intake of sugar and sweet dishes during pregnancy.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, packaged juices, and fatty foods
  • In addition to eating healthy, be sure to take essential supplements for iron, calcium, folic acid and vitamins as recommended by your doctor. These help avoid the chances of neural tube defects affecting the baby and aid in the development of his brain and other organs.

Let us know how and what to eat for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner during the whole day.,

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Morning meal – Morning Breakfast

Morning sickness is an important part of pregnancy and a gift in a way. Make sure you have a glass of cow’s milk in the morning as it helps to give you relief from morning sickness. You can also drink a glass of coconut milk or lemon water as it will help in reducing constipation and heartburn.

Pregnancy Diet Chart in Hindi, Pregnancy Diet in Hindi, Pregnancy Tips in Hindi

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. It is very necessary for all human beings to have a good breakfast in the morning and if you are pregnant then it is very essential for you. If you skip breakfast, it can make you feel tired and lethargic during the whole day. This happens because you are hungry overnight and because of this your blood sugar level drops. You can start your day with a nutritious breakfast as mentioned below:

  • 1 bowl oatmeal with fresh fruit – these contain important vitamins and fiber
  • 1 plate rava upma or poha or vermicelli with vegetables – they nourish you with multiple nutrients and fiber
  • Omelet with butter and 2 slices of whole grain bread toast
  • 1 glass low-fat milk or butter milk or fortified orange juice
  • An omelet or vegetable sandwich – these are the best sources of protein
  • 2 dal, potato, carrot, palak paranthas with curd or mixed veg – they provide fibre, calcium and vitamins


Take a balanced diet at lunch time. You can create your own list of recipes using pulses, cereals, whole grains, nuts and fresh vegetables. These will provide you with the right amount of vitamins, fiber and minerals. Use only healthy oils like rice bran oil, safflower oil or olive oil for cooking.

Pregnancy Diet Chart in Hindi, Pregnancy Diet in Hindi, Pregnancy Tips in Hindi

You can have a vegetable salad or a bowl of soup before lunch. If you eat a non-vegetarian diet, you can include chicken and fish as they provide a good amount of concentrated protein, omega-3 and healthy fats. They also help in the formation of red blood cells.

Here are some ideas for lunch-

  • 2 rotis with dal, a bowl of curd or you can eat rotis with any vegetable like mix veg, kofta, paneer etc.
  • Any rice dish such as cumin and peas rice, rice made with vegetables, khichdi or lemon rice can be accompanied by raita or plain yogurt.
  • 1 bowl chicken curry and rice with roti.
  • 1 bowl of palak paneer with roti or rice. Spinach is rich in folic acid and iron and is a good source of iron for pregnant women.


Frequent hunger pangs are common when you are pregnant. Because a new life is growing inside you and your body is working day and night. So you definitely need more energy and more food. Therefore, instead of 3 large meals a day, you should make a habit of eating small and frequent meals throughout the day. Here are some snack ideas for the evening:

Pregnancy Diet Chart in Hindi, Pregnancy Diet in Hindi, Pregnancy Tips in Hindi

  • fresh fruit or fruit smoothie
  • handful of walnuts, almonds or dates
  • Drink fresh fruit juices to keep yourself hydrated
  • Whole grain and low-sugar granola bars are also a good option.
  • Vegetable or spinach idlis are healthy and help in filling the stomach quickly
  • Cheese, corn or vegetable sandwiches are delicious and nutritious
  • Carrot or bottle gourd pudding made with jaggery or less sugar
  • A cup of hot green tea is soothing
  • Porridge or uttapam with vegetables makes for a complete mini-meal
  • Roasted gram is high in fiber and is a suitable cure for constipation


It is advised that the lighter and sooner you eat at night, the better it is for your health. This healthy habit will aid in proper digestion of your food and help you get a good night’s sleep. For dinner, you can repeat the ideas from lunch. You can include the following in dinner:

Pregnancy Diet Chart in Hindi, Pregnancy Diet in Hindi, Pregnancy Tips in Hindi

  • Bread with dal, or any vegetable of your choice, salad, and curd
  • Vegetable Pulao or Chicken Rice with Vegetable Raita
  • Plain Paratha with Buttermilk
  • Jowar / bajra roti with ghee and raita – these grains are easy to digest
  • Mixed Dal Khichdi with Vegetables and Curd
  • Beetroot and Carrot Kheer – It increases the amount of hemoglobin and is rich in Vitamin A and other nutrients


Choose a diet plan that provides the best nutrients for you and your baby. Also, make sure that you consult your gynecologist or dietician before following any specific diet, so that you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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