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As you all know that in order to avoid the corona virus, our honorable Prime Minister, while addressing the country at 8 pm on March 24, announced a complete lockdown in India, taking a protective step. given. Like other countries, this dangerous and deadly virus is spreading its wings in India too. So far, a total of 695 cases of corona virus have been reported in India and a total of 14 deaths have taken place. As we all know, this dangerous virus has created havoc in many developed countries. If we look at the total cases so far, then the total in the world 478,331 cases have come to the fore and 21,524 Deaths have happened due to corona virus. Therefore, we should also try our best to save ourselves and our country from this.

As we have told in our old article that if you or any of your relatives are suffering from this virus, then immediately follow home quarantine And immediately call the helpline number for assistance. Apart from this, today we are going to tell you how to manage your routine in these 21 days of lockdown and what to do and what not to do during the lockdown?

How To Manage Your Daily Routine During Lockdown in India

Lockdown in India

don’t panic

At this time, it is most important that you face the situation firmly and do not let yourself or anyone you know panic under any circumstances. At this time it is most important that you stay in your house and do not leave your homes if there is no work. Taking care of all your needs, the Government of India has also decided to keep the medical stores, essential goods shops etc. around you open, so there is no need to panic. The more you stay in your homes, the less your chances of getting infected will be.


Although the general stores around you, i.e. shops of essential goods will remain open, still try to step out as little as possible. It will be good for you and your family if you do not go out unless it is very necessary.

But this also does not mean that you should take a lot of goods in bulk and store them in your homes. While buying stuff, remember that other people may need that stuff as much as you. Do not leave food and do not throw food items. It is very important to remember here that many people are not even able to feed themselves in this difficult time, so make only as much food as you can eat.

If a food item can be used again, do so.


As we have already told that all essential shops will remain open, including medical stores. If you are sick, do not take any medicine without the advice of a doctor. Before taking any medicine, Must consult doctor through tele/video And go to the hospital only if it is very necessary. Apart from this, if you feel that you are developing any symptoms of Corona virus, then immediately call the helpline number given by the Government of India. 011-2397804 Call or call the following numbers.

Coronavirus helpline number, Lockdown in IndiaCoronavirus helpline number, Lockdown in India

work from home

Lockdown in India

Do all your office and office work while staying at home. Avoid meeting anyone and follow social distance. We understand that working from home to office or office can make you a bit lazy or you may have some kind of back pain, for this follow the exercises and exercises given below and keep yourself busy in this lockdown. Keep healthy even in the situation of Lockdown in India.

social distancing

Lockdown in India

Now all of you must have become very familiar with this word. You must have understood how important it is to maintain social distancing. The more you follow social distance, the more you will protect yourself from this dangerous disease. As you all know, the corona virus spreads mainly by touching. If an infected person sneezes and you come in contact with droplets containing the virus and then touch your mouth, nose or eyes with those hands, you too can become a victim of this virus. So stay healthy, stay safe and follow social distancing.

exercise and exercise

To follow the lockdown, the most important thing is to stay at home. In such a situation, it is possible that while sitting at home, your weight starts increasing or you start having some kind of pain. That’s why it is necessary to do some exercise and yoga while staying at home. Here we have given some exercises and yoga that you can do from the comfort of your home and you will not even need to step out:

Lockdown in India


  • push ups
  • squats
  • Plank
  • Skipping
  • cycling
  • crunches
  • leg lift
  • floor exercise


  • Pranayama
  • Paschimottanasana
  • purvottanasana
  • padmasana
  • baby cot
  • Vajrasana
  • Gomukhasana
  • tree pose
  • Garunasana etc.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • You can withdraw money from banks or ATMs, banks and ATMs will be open.
  • You cannot go out in a herd.
  • If someone dies, not more than 20 people can go together.
  • You can go out by your private vehicle but only and only when very necessary.
  • You cannot travel by air.
  • If you need medicines, you can go to the medical store.
  • You cannot use any type of public vehicle like bus or taxi or rail etc.
  • Petrol pumps, gas pumps etc. will remain open.

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